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Natural Directions, LLC

Natural Directions, LLC provides environmentally responsible residential and commercial developers, land planners, and landscape architects with a broad range of site development services for the purpose of protecting and managing our valuable natural resources. We are also devoted to offering our superior services to the private property owner.   We offer our broad range of planning, construction, and long term maintenance services throughout the Summerville, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, and Hilton Head areas.  Our registered, degreed foresters and certified arborists lead a team of professionals focused on the urban development challenges of erosion, tree preservation, and natural pathways and trails.

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Mike Russell launched Russell Forestry Services in the mid ‘90s, initially to provide consulting services to landowners. A degreed forester and certified arborist, Mike realized there was a lack of knowledgeable resources for the growing number of developers, land planners and landscape architects committed to high levels of environmental responsibility. While there were companies with the brawn to complete the minimum requirements, many of those companies lacked the education, certifications and experience that gave Mike a clear competitive edge. Confident that his detail-oriented nature and desire to “do it right” provided a strong business platform, Mike started drafting his business plan.

With the recognition for the business potential of this distinct niche, Mike teamed with Pete Russell in 2000 to found Russell Consulting. This company offered an expanded suite of services to the industry. Pete’s solid leadership and training expertise together with Mike’s practical forestry experience provided the solid foundation required to launch their new endeavor.

Today, the company employs a team of educated and certified professionals – and a broadened line of services. In addition, Mike’s wife, Kim, has joined the family business and taken on the ownership and leadership of their very special mission to protect our natural resources. Just take a look at Kim's bio and it is no wonder why she is the perfect addition to any successful business. It’s no longer just Mike Russell, but an entire team that is capable of delivering the same quality Mike has committed to deliver back in the days of Russell Forestry Services.


Our Name Today

Presently, we’ve become industry leaders who have morphed far beyond the world of consulting. Sure, we advise residential and commercial developers, land planners and landscape architects on a broad range of environmental topics. But we also help our clients maintain compliance with regulations by implementing the safeguards necessary to protect their trees - their land – their waters - their sites, from both construction-related and long-term erosion and damage. Our new name Natural Directions, and our new logo conveys exactly what we are about.


Licensed and Insured

Natural Directions is a fully licensed and insured service provider. Please contact us for full details.