Natural Directions SC - Full Service Tree Care Company

Consulting Arborist

Natural Directions offers a broad range of consulting services applying the guiding principles of arboriculture, the science-based management, proper understanding, and care of landscape trees.

Tree Inventories/Surveys

Tree Inventories ans Surveys - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Because safe, healthy, attractive trees are tremendous assets to any site, proper management of these valuable resources begins with an expert assessment of the property’s trees. By measuring and marking trees of a given size during pre-construction planning, identifying the species and rating for health, we’re able to provide a solid snapshot of the property’s tree.

Natural Directions provides the required tree inspections and surveys typically required for:

  • safety/hazard management
  • site development/planning and environmental/engineering projects
  • management of estates, large gardens, and amenity woodland

Tree Survey Audits

Tree Survey Audits - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

To ensure accuracy of your inventory, Natural Directions
evaluates the survey report of an existing tree inventory
conducted by another firm or surveyor.

Tree Preservation Plans

By providing you an understanding of what can and must be done to save a given tree, Natural Directions helps you with long term planning for the maintenance of your site’s natural environment.

Tree Mitigation Planning and Consulting

Tree Preservation Plans - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Decisions on which trees to save and what costs will be incurred should you choose to remove, helps you to make educated environmental - and financial - decisions. Natural Directions provides sound advice on where to plant replacement trees, and helps you select the right species for the location.

Insect and Disease Diagnosis

Tree Insect and Disease Diagnosis - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

By assessing and managing the spread of harmful insects and devastating diseases in your development, Natural Directions can mitigate potential damage. Our consulting arborists customize a program that best addresses the distinct issues with your trees and shrubs.

Hazard Tree Assessment

Hazard Tree Assessment - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Natural Directions provides a detailed report outlining the health and stability of an urban tree. The report includes advice on the best course of action – treatment or removal.