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Environmental and Forestry Services

Our registered, degreed foresters and certified arborists offer a broad range of environmentaly mided land management and forestry services.

Land Management - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Land Management

Natural Directions provides landowners a forestry/wildlife based plan for their property that includes a cutting cycle for timber grown and harvested for income. Our registered foresters help determine the woodland’s potentials and limitations prior to developing and implementing the plan.

What does the typical plan include?

  • Valuation of standing timber
  • Site preparation and reforestation of fields and cutovers
  • Timber harvesting schedules
  • Thinning cycles and timber stand improvement harvests
  • Prescribed burning and herbicide applications
  • Introduction of food plots and analysis of existing wildlife habitats
  • Revenue and tax exemption opportunities

Timber Appraisals and Sales - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Timber Appraisals and Sales

Natural Directions employs registered foresters with solid experience calculating acreage and tree volumes necessary for successful timber sales and subsequent reforestation. We help specify land that can be logged and trees that can be legally removed by the logger – preventing misunderstanding and conflict between the buyer and seller.

Our registered foresters help protect the landowner through a well-written contract, specifying each and every detailed part of the sale, a contract reputable timber buyers and harvesters welcome. Because our foresters are well versed in timber management and timber contracts, the fee for these services is likely to pay for itself.


Timber Theft Assessment

Because some complaints rise to the level of criminal conduct, Natural Directions offers landowners assistance in damage assessment.

With Felony level grand larceny citing theft of property valued at $1000 or more, it takes few trees to reach that charge. Whether intentional or unintentional, determining the value of the timber removed is imperative for pursuing restitution.

A typical investigation includes an assessment of the site, photography and measurement of tree stumps, and a calculation of volume and value of the timber removed.


Property Line Delineations

Natural Directions marks property lines by retracing old lines and through the use of GPS technology. Existing survey evidence is taken into consideration. Adjoining landowners agree upon boundaries flagged before any action, such as timber removal, begins.


Timber Marking - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Timber Marking

Natural Directions clearly marks with paint, trees to be cut or to be left. Species, health, stocking, and aesthetic objectives of the landowner are considerations during the marking process. A stump mark is placed on each tree marked to be sure that only those trees specifically chosen by the forester are cut. Timber marking ensures property is harvested correctly, compliant with legal and environmental guidelines.

Wetland Reclamation and Mitigation - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Wetland Reclamation and Mitigation

Our systematic wetland efforts include wetland protection, repairing and the restoration of damaged wetlands, reestablishing wetlands, and the creation of wetland buffers through restoration of soils and vegetation.


Vegetation Management

Whether through chemical or mechanical means, Natural Directions can maintain sites where the control of vegetation is critical. Road side buffers, HOA’s, easements, pond banks, or that empty lot that got out-of-control; we can make it right again. By using our knowledge of how plants grow and interact, we have the cost-effective, low impact solutions that can achieve your aesthetic and
maintenance objectives.


Invasive Species Control

Invasive plants and animals are problems that affect our native flora and fauna. Exotic species can easily begin to out-compete our native vegetation. When this happens these plants displace native growth, alter critical ecosystem processes, and degrade wildlife habitat.

Invasive, non-native insects lack the predatory controls that keep their populations in check. Once firmly established, their numbers and devastation can expand over large areas, even state wide, if nothing is done.

To help protect biodiversity and preserve the health and integrity of our natural ecosystems and urban trees, it is necessary to control invasive species. Invasive species management has become an integral part of urban forestry, ecological restoration, and nature conservation. It is essential to not impact but improve wildlife while protecting our native species.


Retention Pond Maintenance - Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant SC

Retention Pond Maintenance

Retention ponds can either be ‘beautiful’ or a pool of water choked with weeds. Nevertheless, retention ponds are an important structure in that they catch and filter harmful, urban stormwater runoff and keep pollutants and silt from entering our vulnerable streams and watersheds.

With strong environmental principles and knowledge, we know what is necessary to keep an established pond performing and looking as intended. Natural Directions is your source for aquatic weed control solutions. Let us maintain this asset to your community using the best management practices to provide a waterfront view for residents to enjoy.


Tree Planting

We are your source for providing reforestation of rural lands, wetland mitigation, or providing urban shade trees for future generations. By planting trees, Natural Directions not only improves our existing environment, but ensures that our children and grand children can enjoy the green environment we all grew up with and can remember.

Proper planting of trees is essential for their survival and health. We know what tree species is right for your property and project because our staff has the educational background and experience required. Who best to plant trees but an arborist and forester.